In the summer of 2013, Westerly Homes completed a large renovation project in the Spruce Grove area. The client requested the use of Kirk Woodworking for their cabinetry.  As a contractor, working with unacquainted sub-contractors or tradesmen can be a challenge. Westerly Homes employs a group of sub-contractors whom are well known to each other and work together to achieve our high standards. However, Kirk Woodworking fit right in with our crew, doing a commendable job. The cabinetry and craftsmanship was of high quality. They were very flexible in their job procedure, working around us or coordinating with us to make the flow of work smooth.

The idea of using a sub-contractor based out of Calgary was another concern since their warehouse was three hours away should any installation problem arise. Kirk Woodworking maintained organization and meticulous attention to detail throughout the job. They had the cabinets delivered and installed without a problem. The level of preparation was as if they were a part of our team.

I was very pleased with the job done by Kirk Woodworking and the final outcome of the cabinetry. They were efficient and within the time limit they quoted. Their willingness to meet the customer’s needs showed their professional commitment, as did taking on an out of town project. Their ability to work with others was highly appreciated. I would highly recommend working with Kirk Woodworking and would use them to do any cabinetry work in the future, if an opportunity arose.

Duane Collin

Westerly Homes

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